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Our Small Family Crate is packed with enough slithery adventures for two! Each box includes all of the fun, enriching educational activities and goodies in our Standard Crate, plus additional items for two people to share the immersive learning experience together.

You may choose to add on a 4oz. bag of Snakespresso with your shipment every month. If so, please specify your caffeine preferences.

What's Included:

  • 1 Booklet
  • 1 Set of Flashcards
  • 1 Care Sheet
  • 2 Critter Cards
  • 2 Educational Activities
  • 2 Species Posters
  • 2 Collectible Stickers
  • 4 Unique items (2 per person)


Unique Items Vary Each Month! This May Include:

  • Wall art
  • Puzzles
  • Accessories
  • Magnets
  • Bookmarks
  • Home decor
  • Button pins
  • Cups
    ...and much more!

Small Family Snake Crate

Price Options
$45.95every month until canceled
3 Months
$44.95every month for 3 months
6 Months
$43.95every month for 6 months
12 Months
$42.95every month for 12 months
One-time purchase
  • A fruity, refreshing blend that is as exotic as the dragon snake, Dragon’s Fruit is infused with a sweet, juicy combination of dragon fruit and berries.

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