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Discover the
Wild World of Snakes
Every Month

Packed with fun, enriching activities and educational goodies, My Snake Crate offers an immersive learning experience for the whole family to enjoy!


What's inside?

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Exclusive Booklets

Read all about the snake of the month through our exclusive line of booklets


Educational Activities

Have fun learning through educational arts, crafts and activities unique to each box

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Stickers and Magnets

Enjoy collecting our exclusive variety of stickers and magnets every month


Vibrant Posters

Beautiful posters featuring the snake of the month included in every box

... and much more!

How to start your
slithery adventure:


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Subscribe to My Snake Crate

You're just a few clicks away from the fun, immersive learning experience packed into every box!


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Get Excited

Get ready for your first slithery adventure! Orders ship out by the third week of every month.


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Enjoy the Adventure!

Learn about the snake of the month through fun educational activities that teach all about the slithery wonders of the world.

Why Choose
My Snake Crate?

From big pythons to tiny thread snakes, My Snake Crate is passionately designed by our very own family of reptile lovers. Each box is full of educational activities, awesome goodies, and most importantly, FUN! Develop a deeper connection with snakes through a unique, explorative experience delivered right to your door every month.

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