Our Story

Hey there, reptile lovers! My name is Scarlett Nightshade, and I am a passionate herpetoculturist, academic author, artist and photographer. My husband Abel and I keep and breed various species of snakes under our business name Creatures of Nightshade, where we work with some of the most legendary snakes from around the world!

My Snake Crate was inspired by our daughter, Lucy, who has been deeply connected with reptiles since she was just a few months old. Like many children, Lucy LOVES to learn, especially when it comes to snakes. My husband and I started brainstorming some fun educational activities that we could all do together to make learning a fun and enriching experience. Lucy had such a BLAST learning through puzzles, art, flashcards and even dessert recipes that we wanted to share this special experience with the reptile community.

Each snake of the month featured in My Snake Crate is hand-picked by our little family of reptile lovers, with each item offering a special experience to bond through the wonderful world of snakes.  We hope you enjoy learning about your slithery companions, and most importantly have FUN!

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